Beyond Emotional Intelligence: A new approach to taking control and living fully

Who is really in charge?

Our society places a premium on logic, rational thought, and intellect. That was the whole idea behind emotional intelligence in the first place, to acknowledge that there’s more to the story. The challenge is that our approach to emotional intelligence has focused on using intellect and logic to understand, and better manage, our emotions in ways that lead to better choices.

That’s great as far as it goes. And I believe that when dealing with emotions, our big brains can only take us so far. We all know that eating junk food, staying up too late, skipping exercise or watching too much TV is bad for us.  But too often, we do it anyway. Why? Because it is not our rational, knowing mind that’s driving us, it’s our emotions.  And our emotions, even if we can identify and understand them, are often too powerful to simply overcome or ignore.

This dilemma goes far beyond just our bad habits. Not fully connecting with and using our emotions to guide our lives affects our professional lives, our parenting, our relationships – everything.

A New Formula

To make real, lasting change and accomplish your goals, you must retrain yourself to fully feel and experience emotions in new ways so they can partner with your intellect more effectively. You will gain a much richer experience of life and relationships in the process.

Through our work together you will learn to go beyond your intellect to discover all the gifts at your disposal.  Together, we will explore and expand your relationship with your:


Your intellect and rational, cognitive thought. It includes your ability to solve problems and analyze data. That big brain of yours also contains the voice in your head with all it’s stories about the past, beliefs about who you are/aren’t, what you can/can’t do, how the world works (or doesn’t), other’s motivations, and fears/hopes about what might happen in the future.


Your emotions and emotional experience of the world. Our emotions have meaning and information for us if we have the courage to fully feel and listen to them.


Intuition is a real thing that we are now able to measure. It speaks to you through your body and is accessible when the volume of the voice in your head is turned way down. Learn to listen and use this powerful tool to provide additional information to that big brain of yours.


Your values, dreams, and passions. When you dare to embrace a fulfilling life, and believe it is possible, your spirit will also provide additional information for guiding your thoughts, choices, and actions in service of pulling you toward a life that sustains you.

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