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The 4 Pillars for Developing Authentic Leadership

Do any of these statements seem on-the-nose?

If so, you're probably struggling with...

The solution? Authentic Leadership.

I’ve seen time and time again that when executives lead with authenticity – committing to both people AND results – they are able to accomplish their goals faster and easier.

Leading with authenticity is the key to unlocking your greatest potential - both for yourself and your team - no matter what your company looks like.

Authenticity is what comes naturally once you get out of your own way.

It’s the shortest path to emotional intelligence, and the fastest way to gain the respect and admiration of your colleagues.

Developing powerful, authentic leadership takes time, effort, and commitment, but the return on your investment will be exponential – measured not just by your own increased effectiveness, but by the positive impact on everyone around you. 

Unfortunately, most organizations don’t have the money or expertise to cover much more than management 101. You’ll need to seek expertise outside your organization – and that’s exactly what has brought you here today.

These statistics speak for themselves...

Whether you’re looking to better manage your own stress, increase your team’s productivity, or improve your employee retention, the effects of Executive Coaching can (and will) be felt across your entire organization. 

But no matter what, it all starts with YOU.

Hey there, I'm Scott David.

With over 15 years experience as an executive in corporate America, and 20 years experience in leadership consulting and coaching, I’ve had the opportunity to see time and time again just how powerful a catalyst coaching can be toward magnifying a leader’s natural abilities AND impacting business results across the entire organization. 

With my Connection Mindset™ framework, I bring into focus everything I’ve learned as an executive, leadership consultant, sales VP, entrepreneur, father – and even wilderness instructor – to serve my clients’ unique goals. 

I draw from psychology, neuroscience, adult development theory, philosophy, and even spiritual traditions to clear the mindset blocks that prevent you from stepping into your role as an Authentic Leader. 

My work with Scott has been absolutely transformative.

Through his intuitive, individualized, and careful guidance, I peeled away layers of self-doubt that had accumulated over the years to re-discover my true power, potential, and purpose. 

Scott was extremely skilled at meeting me exactly where I was each time we worked together and knowing how and when to push me beyond my self-imposed limits, and when I needed to take a pause in my incredible growth.” 

— Kasia M.

Senior Leader at internationally recognized non-profit

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