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Reduce burnout while enhancing your impact.

Wednesday, June 19
9am PST / 12pm EST

Unlock Your Potential

Master Work Efficiency with The Connection Mindset™


Achieve more by operating from a calmer, more purposeful state.

We’re all striving to get more done, work smarter, and continuously improve. But the relentless pace of work and life can leave us feeling stressed, stretched thin and like we can never catch up.

The good news? There’s an answer, and it’s only three words: 

Connected without attachment.

Cultivating a Connection Mindset™ empowers leaders to:

  • Stay fiercely connected your priorities without being derailed by distractions
  • Let go of what you can’t control without feeling like you’re giving up
  • Embrace life’s inevitable contradictions with less inner conflict

In this hands-on virtual workshop, you'll learn powerful mindset shifts and practical techniques to:

  • Identify the thought patterns keeping you stuck in overwhelm
  • Cultivate the ability to be fully engaged yet unattached to outcomes
  • Develop stress-reducing habits for sustainable productivity
  • Find clarity and focus amidst life’s inevitable complexities

Don’t just work harder – align your effort with your deepest values and highest leverage activities to unlock true productivity. 

Join us for this interactive workshop on June 19, 2024 at 11am on Zoom to start reducing burnout while enhancing your impact.

About Scott David

Scott David brings over 25 years of real-world executive experience in telecom and leadership consulting to his coaching.

Scott began his journey as a leader at MCI Telecom in the 1990s. In that fast-paced and rapid growth environment, he worked with great leaders and left with the ability to take risks, learn from failure, adapt to change, and manage a wide range of people and situations. He then worked as SVP of sales and operations for a leadership and management consulting firm that is now part of Korn Ferry International.

In 2005, Scott ventured into entrepreneurship with his first company, Stone Lake Leadership LLC. Stone Lake continues to provid leadership development solutions to Fortune 500 companies and the Federal Government.

In 2014 Scott created The Authentic Executive as a platform to help senior and C-Suite executives and their teams develop authentic leadership styles and cultures that deliver tangible business results without killing themselves and their teams in the process.

This program is applicable to early career and seasoned leaders.

The topics covered were spot on. Scott creates an atmosphere where you feel comfortable giving honest answers and is a master at pulling things out of you and shedding light on opportunities while at the same time, being very supportive and understanding. I also really appreciated being able to work through things actually happening in our work lives versus made up scenarios so we came away with an actionable plan.”

Chief Medical Officer, Healthcare Non-Profit

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