The Anti-Hack

In a world full of hacks, it’s easy to think if we just find the right formula we can be healthier by hacking our metabolism, or unlock more time in a day by hacking our productivity, or find more space by hacking our closets, calendars, or brains. The techniques and tactics suggested by all these hacks are fine in and of themselves. And, if any of them were easy to implement and sustain, you’d likely be doing them already.

It’s great marketing but there’s no simple hack for making lasting change. Lasting change happens from the inside out. There’s no prescription or ten-step plan that’s perfect for you right off the shelf. The path is different for everyone and is often full of unexpected twists and turns.

Before you embark on your next hack, or when your next hack doesn’t produce the results you’d like, take a moment to be still and look inward. Ask some tough questions. If making change is important enough, get some help.

And if you find a hack that actually really consistently works for anyone, please share – I’d love to be proven wrong.

Good luck on your journey ahead!

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